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Before/After Care





After Care Information

Sunshine Elementary is the provider for our After School Care Program.  We are again pleased to be able
to offer our own, on-site managed program.

Our goal is to provide affordable care in a safe and nurturing environment.   Our program will provide a variety of fun activities, such as: homework, arts and crafts, outdoor games, computers, board games, drama and many other exciting and enriching activities.  Children will rotate to different activities and will be grouped by grade level.

The After Care Program is conducted in accordance with Broward County School Board Policies.

Service: Monday through Friday (School days only) 2:00 p.m. -6:00 p.m.  Sorry, there is no After School Care service on Teacher Planning days or Holidays.

Personnel:  We have a qualified staff of dedicated teachers and paraprofessionals, and college students that are in the education career.  There is one staff member for every 20 students.

Registration:  A complete registration form, Medical Information must be completed and payment received, before your child enters our SunCare Program.  (If you have more than one child participating in our program, you will need to have a completed registration form for each child).

 Fees:  School Board Guidelines mandate that we may not have a child present in After School Care if they have not PRE-PAID BY THE DATE INDICATED ON THE FEE SCHEDULE.  THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!

You can pay on-line by clicking this link:

Letter from Treasurers office click here

                                                                                                                        Last day to pay

Pay Period 1              August 18 – September 15, 2014                                   August 15, 2014

Pay Period 2              September 16 – October 14, 2014                                  September 15, 2014

Pay Period 3              October 15 – November 14, 2014                                  October 14, 2014

Pay Period 4              November 17 – December 17, 2014                               November 14, 2014

Pay Period 5              December 18 – January 30, 2015                                   December 17, 2014

Pay Period 6              February 2 – March 2, 2015                                           January 30,  2015

Pay Period 7              March 3 – April 8,  2015                                                March 2,  2015

Pay Period 8              April 9 – May 6, 2015                                                    April 8, 2015

Pay Period 9              May 7 – June 4, 2015                                                     May 6, 2015


  • Registration Fee is $25.00
  • Full fee $163.00 and 5% off for siblings. 
  • 25% Waiver fee $122.00
  • 50% Waiver fee $81.00
  • Fees are in monthly installments, according to the attached schedule. Credit cards and checks are welcome.  If payment is not made by the date noted, your child will be withdrawn from the program and a RE-REGISTRATION fee must be paid for re-entry into the program. Please make checks payable to Sunshine Elementary School. If you have been approved for Free or Reduced Lunch under the Broward County Free Lunch Program, you MAY be eligible for reduced after care rates.  Please ask for an application form if this applies to you.
  • We CANNOT accept weekly payments.
  • There will be no credit or reduction of tuition or refund for absences due to illness or vacation since expenses for staff continue during the child's absence.



 Pick-Up:  Children must be picked up at or before 6:00p.m.  A Late Pick-Up Fee of $15.00 shall be charged for each 15 minutes that parent is late picking up their child.  (1-15 minutes=$15.00; 16-30 minutes=$30.00m etc.)  These charges will be assessed per child and payment must be made on the same day of late pick up.

Habitual late pick-ups may result in dismissal from the program.

Discipline:  All children are expected to abide by the rules of discipline as stated in the Student Discipline Code Book.  Parents will be notified of serious or recurring discipline problems.  If the problems cannot be resolved, the child may be withdrawn from the program. 

Parent Responsibility:

  • Complete all registration forms.  Keep registration information current at all times.
  • Pay fees on time.
  • Provide daily snack (if desired) or $1.25 for the snack machine. Juice/milk and snack is also provided.
  • Arrange for daily, on time, student pick-up.
  • Sign daily sign out log
  • Notify program staff when someone other than authorized listed persons will be picking up your child.  We cannot release your child to persons not listed on the registration form.
  • Inform Ms. Wells or Ms. Dorsett when your child will not be attending the After Care program.
  • IDENTIFICATION is required for anyone picking up a child from our program.
  • Provide the program with a password to identify all authorized persons to pick up your child.

After School Care Contact Personnel:

Ms. Dorsett and Ms. Wells are our On Site Supervisor and is in charge of receiving payments.
Ms. Dorsett and Ms. Wells can be contacted at the SunCare office 754-323-7743 from
2:00p.m. untill 6:00p.m.

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